Yet having enough food on hand in an emergency seems to be the what most of us concentrate on, when planning our family's needed emergency preparedness supplies.

This isn't because we discount how important water is or will be.
It's just really hard to store or transport enough of it to really make a difference. 
So what can we do then?

You could buy three 55-gallon drums like these and fill them up. 
This works great when you are at home.
Then you might have enough drinking water for approximately 2 weeks.
But will you have a way of transporting them if and when things get rough and you have to leave? 

After you drink all you have stored, then what?
We solved the problem of water storage for those who are working on their emergency prepardness  or just want a system for day to day use. Our systems may produce up to 5000 gallons of refreshing, pure, clean and safe drinkable life-saving water per ceramic water filter used. Use it Anytime, Anywhere.


Personal Portable Water Filter Rollup

Available for Immediate Shipment.

2 X 10 Inch Replacement Candle for the Berkey Systems.

Aquapure Solar Water Purifier


We often take our water supply for granted. When safe and pure drinking water is not available, it will be more than just an inconvenience - it can and will be an Emergency Health Situation. i.e.) Floods, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Severe Winter Storms are all examples of natural disasters that can and will interrupt a municipal's supply of safe, clean drinking water. Outages may only occur for a short period of time (hours), possibily for a few days or even weeks. Therefore every household should have an emergency water plan and a water supply to meet its members' needs during any crisis.

Every home should have a supply of water stored for at least three days for emergency use. One gallon per person, per day, and one quart per small pet is needed to fulfill these basic needs. The water should be either from a municipal supply or bottled water, because these sources are diligently and rigorously inspected and tested regularly for contaminants of many different origins. The container used for the storing of this water must be clean and made for use with food and or water (food grade). Non-scented household bleach is the only chemical disinfectant you will need in the water collected for storage. Rotate or use the stored water regularly, suggested rotation is every six months.

With only a small amount of money and effort, your family can and will be prepared with drinking water, a very important necessity. With the aid of a water filter and some chemical agents you will have achieved a safe and adequate supply of drinking water before and during any natural disaster and / or power outage.

During these Emergency Disasters. Your plan might be to purchase bottled drinking or distilled water at the time of need, but under most circumstances stores near you will sell out of their water rather quickly. Prepare yourself with a water filtration system that will meet your needs and be able to sustain you and your family for months. Emergency Water Supplies will be hard to get in and during any disaster situation, if you are not otherwise prepared for it before it occurs.

Emergency Prepardness is why we all should have an
Emergency water filter, some water stored and water source!

  The amount of water needed to sustain you for 2 weeks.

WATER, is the most often
overlooked necessity in a
or an
EMERGENCY situation. 
We need it more than food.


Emergency Ceramic Water Filter Systems

( Can also be used in your home, office, camping, hunting, survival, emergency or any outdoor activities of any kind. )


Emergency Gravity Water Filter

Our System provides clean & sanitary drinking water in every
Emergency or Disaster situation.

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